Fully integrated, enterprise-level seed-to-sale platform for cannabis retailers and producers built on award-winning blockchain technology

Green Data Technology was created to bring enterprise-level data security and system stability, along with the immutability of blockchain transaction logging to the legal cannabis industry. With the addition of cellular-backhaul, and the integration of a native producer/processor platform, a cutting edge loyalty and CRM platform, and a public marketplace, there is truly nothing like Green Data in the market today.

We cordially invite you to join us on this journey into the future

Green Data is the Future

Massive market growth, non-stop demand, and our unique, integrated featureset positions us as the undisputed leader of “marijuana tech”


Massive Market Opportunity

In 2017, Americans spent more on legal marijuana products than ice cream.

That’s over $8 Billion in product. This figure is conservatively projected to reach $20 Billion by 2021.

Despite this significant market, Enterprise-grade solutions are still not de rigueur .   


Public Support

Americans consistently vote in favor of positive marijuana legislation, and in greater numbers each year

The latest Gallup poll, more than 64% of Americans indicate support for marijuana legalization

This support will result in more widespread legalization and continue to expand addressable market.


Leverages AI and Blockchain

Our platform addresses the core issues that derail similar products: data integrity and immutable traceability

We leverage cutting edge blockchain technology to ensure compliance across any transaction.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms dramatically improve forecasting, sales, and loyalty.



Fully Integrated Platform

Seed-to-sale platform that includes CRM and loyalty  modules and cellular backhaul

Demand forecasting built in

Two-way communication between retailers and producers

End-user marketplace app that is best in class

Green Data for Retail

Fully integrated, blockchain secured platform for cannabis retailers, complete with Point-of-Sale, loyalty, real-time inventory, kiosk application, customer SMS outreach, guaranteed uptime and cellular backhaul

01 Enterprise SLAs

Unlike anything else in the industry

Guaranteed uptime

Blockchain secure; guaranteed compliance

Cellular Backhaul — never lose connectivity

02 Cutting-Edge Frontend and Admin Backend

POS functions on any tablet; Auto-verifies based on state-specific rules; Easily edit or input “daily deals”

BYOD or upgrade through Green Data’s refurb program

Back-end enables rapid , multi-store inventory management, demand forecasting, and more.

03 Smart Integrations

SMS customer outreach

Native Order manifest and producer catalog integration

AI-driven sales forecasting and analysis

Future ability to accept cashless payment

04 Next-Generation Loyalty

Included loyalty program can be configured in any way imaginable

Send customers terpene-specific SMS updates

Loyalty data integrates with sales forecasting

05 Direct Connect with Producer/Processors

Connect directly with producer/processors to view available inventory in real-time

Plan wholesale purchases based on sales forecasting

Generate and order manifests and log to blockchain for compliance

06 Free Data Transfer and Setup Consultation

Green Data will help you transfer existing inventory, pricing, and loyalty data in a seamless, rapid fashion

Our experts will help you get the most value out of the Green Data platform through regular consultation

Green Data for Producers/Processors

Directly integrate with retailers, forecast production based on demand, generate manifests, and log all compliance and traceablity data on the blockchain for fail-safe operations

01 Enterprise-Level SLAs

Unlike anything else in the industry

Guaranteed uptime

Blockchain secure; guaranteed compliance

Cellular Backhaul — never lose connectivity

02 Robust, Flexible Platform

Easy to use platform accommodates bulk and batch upload

Configure the platform to match your operation, not the other way around

Barcode generation and scanning, along with industry-first cellular backhaul for connectivity anywhere

03 Smart Integrations

Expose your entire inventory to retail outlets

Apply integrated demand-frecasting models

Participate in GreenData.Market

Log all tracaeability on the blockchain for rock-solid reporting to state agencies

04 AI-driven Production Assistance

Advanced artificial intelligence tooling will automatically match production models with sales and forecasted demand

05 Auto-Generate Orders and Manifests

Two-way communication with retailers makes ordering and re-ordering a breeze

Platform generates manifests for transport

06 Business Consulting

Our experts will install and fine-tune the Green Data platform to  ensure you get maximum ROI

Want to boost yields? Our consultants are available to take your business to the next level

Green Data Assets

Green Data is a platform of tools and assets, each with unique and complementary value

One Price, Fully Integrated

For one price per retail location, Green Data replaces POS, CRM, Loyalty, Logistics, Inventory, Compliance, and Marketplace applications.

Cellular Backhaul

Never suffer downtime; we have exclusive relationships with cellular connectivity providers.

Novel Application of Blockchain

Green Data applies a novel application of proprietary blockchain technology to ensure all of your data is 100% validated and secure.

Guaranteed Uptime

Green Data functions like any other enterprise platform: with SLAs that guarantee uptime..

RSS Feed

The Admin portal features a configurable RSS Feed that alerts retailers to the latest changes in laws or recalls.  

CRM and Loyalty Program

The Salesforce of cannabis, with custom SMS outreach and geo-fenced searched

Connect Producers and Retailers

Our platform connects the critical pieces of the distribution network so that the right products are produced and sold at the right time, everytime.


Green Data replaces cumbersome and inaccurate third-party apps like Weedmaps and Leafly with greendata.market

Cart Validator

POS validator tool automatically validates all sales against state laws in real-time.

Photography and Marketing Services

Green Data can take professional photos of your product or retail location and produce a stunning website or social media site.

Real-Time Legal Database

Green Data maintains a real-time database of all recreational and medical laws in each state that integrates with our POS and can be surfaced by third parties.

Plug and Play

Our POS platform enables BYOD implementations and we support data transfer from legacy systems

About Us

Meet the team behind Green Data

Steve Ruben

Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Steve’s background in enterprise software and cannabis formed the seed from which Green Data sprouted. After moving to Washington and experiencing dispensary operations first-hand, he began work in earnest on the platform. Steve has developed systems for use in telecom, medical insurance, laboratory testing, auto insurance, expense management, data analysis systems and consumer applications for the web and mobile devices.

Jesse Cryderman

Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Jesse Cryderman, a serial entrepreneur and multi-disciplinary creative, brings a broad range of experience and innovation to the Green Data team. Jesse’s interest and expertise in agri-business began on the farms on which he was raised as a child, and matured in Boulder, Colorado, where he lived during the first-wave of cannabis legalization. As a writer and marketer, Jesse has covered everything from sport fishing and green energy to enterprise software, global telecom, and sustainable living.

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